Does Dermatend Cream Really Work? My Investigation and Reviews

mole removal cream

In the grand scheme of health issues, a mole or skin tag ranks fairly low as a problem, however when you have one that is prominent and on your face or in another publicly visible part of your body, it can really change the way you feel about yourself, and it even can change the way that people look at you. Until recently, there has not been a reliable and safe way to remove moles or skin tag, but now there is a product called Dermatend.

What Is Dermatend?

This is an all-natural treatment cream that has been proven to remove moles, skin tags, and even warts, no matter how long they have been on your body. With just a few applications, you can completely remove the skin disfigurement, without the risk of being left with scars. If you’ve been told of the past that you cannot get rid of your mole, skin tag, or war, or you are too embarrassed to have it removed by a professional, dentist; then natural treatment that you could do in the privacy of your own home is the best solution.

How Does It Work?

This is actually a very easy product to use – and only takes a few minutes. You start off by making sure your mole, skin tag, or wart is completely clean and dry and then you simply use abrasive product such as a nail file or toothpick to scratch or slightly pick at it just so you mildly break the surface of it. This will allow the powerful ingredients in Dermatend to make their way inside. Then, allow the product to try and cover it with a bandage. Within 24 hours, you should see that the area begins to dry out, and will then begin to scab over.

What is the most important points of using this product is that you need to make sure that you do not pull off this before it’s time. Simply allow it to fall off naturally and then you will be left with no scarring at all.

What Are People Saying About Dermatend?

Many of the reviews for Dermatend really do show what a difference this product is made for people. When you have a mole on your face or where others can see, you can have a major effect on who you are as a person. Having a safe and natural way to get rid of the mole in the privacy of your own home is a really big thing for many people.

“I had a mole on my face for my entire life and it was something I was always embarrassed about. Thank God I decided to try Dermatend.”

- Bryan (Testimony from company website)

“I just wanted to say that Dermatend has completely changed my life! At first I was skeptical, but it really removed my mole.”

- Effie (Testimony from company website)

“I purchased your product hoping that it would change my life. I had a big mole that I wanted to get rid of in Dermatend really did work. Thank you.”

- Raymond (Testimony from company website)

What Else Should You Know About This Product?

Perhaps the only word of warning with this product is that there is a small amount of preparation required to make sure that the Dermatend itself can penetrate into your molar skin test. If you are little squeamish, you might want someone to do this for you, but in most instances it doesn’t require you to do more than vigorously scrub or scrape the surface of the mole. In most cases, this should not hurt or cause any discomfort at all, but if it is on a part of your body that you cannot see you might need some assistance.

Where Should You Buy This?

dermatend creamAlthough you can now buy the Dermatend cream in some stores, the best place to buy is still online from the official website where you will be given a full 60 day money back guarantee on the product. What this means is that you can try it out for yourself, and almost without exception, it will work during that 60 day period. If not, simply send the rest of the product back and you will get a full refund with no question asked. Also, when purchased from the official website, Dermatend will send this product to you discreetly so that no one will know what you have bought.

Is Dermatend Right for You?

When you compare the ease of use of Dermatend to having a mole or skin tag frozen or burned off in a dermatologist’s office, there is simply no comparison. This method of treatment is actually much quicker, obviously much more affordable, and comes without the pain and embarrassment that an office visit would entail. With Dermatend, you are just a week or so away from being rid of your mole, skin tag, or wart.

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